The Jesus Question

The Jesus Question

Buddha was great spiritual teacher. He died in 543 BC. He is still dead. Muhammad was a great spiritual teacher. He died in 632 AD. He is still dead. Jesus was a great spiritual teacher. He lived a perfect life, with no sin whatsoever. His teachings were radical. “Love your enemies.” “The last shall be […]

Jim Gaffigan

Clean Comedy

Tears are a great thing when they’re laugh-induced. I love to laugh, so much so that I make it a point to build laugh time into every day. I don’t get a lot of TV viewing time, but Hubby and I try to schedule in about 30 minutes of sitcom before bed, even if it […]


I live in the suburbs of Chicago. This year is the fourth snowiest on record, five and a half feet of snow has dropped from the sky, leaving a never-ending carpet of lily white on the landscape. Comments about the misery of this winter are never-ending, as well. Most conversations seem to begin with snippets […]

Sue Ciullo


I turned 58 this month. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but as my vision has gradually lost some acuity, I’ve gradually gained some insight into the intrepid value of enduring friendship. I am blessed to have a cherished group of friends whom I’ve loved since I was a young girl. When I […]